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Brighten Godfrey's Home Page

Welcome to my web site, and thank you for taking the few extra seconds to find a site of real worth. This page has been hand crafted from the very highest quality disk space to provide for you a total-comfort environment, and is served by the Big W Consortium for optimum speed and reliability.

The most popular area of my site is my humor archive. You can also check out my links to other cool sites and my Fractals page, on which you can generate your own fractals using a Java applet.

If you're looking for the latest news from Ripon High School, you won't find satisfaction in my Ripon High School home page, because I rarely update it.

This site was created entirely on a Macintosh, using programs such as BBEdit Lite, GraphicConverter, CodeWarrior, and ClarisWorks, all of which I highly reccommend. This site is best viewed with Netscape Navigator 3.0 or higher.

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