Survey Proves that Microsoft Sucks

A recent survey using the Internet has proved that Microsoft sucks; specifically, Microsoft sucks 14.77 times as much as Apple Computer.

Searches using the Alta Vista search engine were performed using search terms such as "Microsoft sucks", "Apple sucks", "Windows sucks", and "Macintosh sucks". The overwhelming results are shown below, and speak for themselves.

Search TermNumber of Hits
Apple Sucks Pages
"Apple sucks"8
"Macintosh sucks"6
"Mac sucks"8
"Mac OS sucks"0
Total Apple Sucks Pages22
Microsoft Sucks Pages
"Microsoft sucks"44
"Windows sucks"32
"Windows 95 sucks"200
"Windows NT sucks"1
"Win95 sucks"48
Total Microsoft Sucks Pages325

Since there are 14.77 times as many Microsoft Sucks pages as Apple Sucks pages, Microsoft is 14.77 times as sucky as Apple. Even more amazing is the ratio of "Windows 95 sucks" pages to "Mac OS sucks" pages - 200 to 0 - proving that Windows 95 is infinately worse that Mac OS, which is infinately cool.

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