Ladot: LaTeX in your Graphviz dot files

Example output of Ladot
Ladot is a script that makes using LaTeX in graphs generated by dot (graphviz) relatively easy. This is primarily so that one can include math expressions in one's graphs (the kind with nodes and edges, not the kind with axes). Ladot does no "real work" on its own; it merely cuts out some of the steps involved in using psfrag to insert arbitrary LaTeX snippets into arbitrary PostScript files.

Ladot is easy to use and gets the core of the job done, but it is also simplistic: it should be considered a proof-of-concept which may set an example for slicker solutions -- for example, something which uses an existing GraphViz API, instead of Perl regular expressions, is definitely desireable. Users should read the "Limitations" section in the README so they are not frustrated by unexpectedly absent functionality.

Current version

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Brighten Godfrey <>
December 4, 2005